93: Permissionless Education with Matt Chaussee

Matt Chaussee is the CEO and Co-founder of Be More Colorful, an immersive media and virtual reality production company whose flagship product, CareerViewXR, is being used across the country to help students explore authentic, real-world careers through virtual reality.

Be More Colorful is currently a semifinalist for the Yass Prize and Matt is here to share with us about his company’s work and how it’s revolutionizing education. Join us for this wonderful conversation about permissionless learning and empowering students to explore diverse careers paths in an ever-evolving landscape.

  • Matt’s background and how he moved from real estate photography to education.
  • CareerViewXR and how it’s helping kids experience careers using virtual reality.
  • How Be More Colorful is permissionless in the opportunities it’s giving to students.
  • Be More Colorful’s nomination for the Yass prize and how you can vote in the Parent Choice Award.
  • The future of AI and what role educators play.
  • Matt shares with us some of the other semifinalists who are up for the Yass prize.


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93: Permissionless Education with Matt Chaussee